7 Reasons Why It’s Time Call A St Cloud Electrician For An Inspection

Most homeowners assume their home’s electrical system will function to perfection for decades.  However, some homes are laden with faulty wiring.  Other homes simply have old electrical systems that require replacement.  If your home’s electrical system has not been inspected in years or if you are concerned there is something wrong with the wiring, it is in your interest to call electricians in St Cloud, MN, for an inspection.  Let’s take a quick look at the top signs that indicate it is time for an electrical inspection in St Cloud.

1. An odd Odor in Your Home

Homeowners with a keen sense of smell or hyper-awareness of their surroundings likely notice an odor when using new appliances as oil is burned away.  This odor is perfectly normal.  However, if the odor lingers, it is cause for concern.  The odor of burning around electrical outlets or emanating from a fuse box is a clear sign of a looming issue.  Refrain from using your power after you notice this lasting odor.  Reach out to our electricians to schedule an inspection of your home’s electrical system.

2. Circuit Breakers That Trip

Circuit breakers and fuses are meant to protect your home and its appliances.  If the load is exorbitantly high, the circuit breaker or fuse is likely to blow/trip.  The purpose of allowing such tripping is to prevent an electrical overload and subsequent fire/damage.  If your home’s circuit breakers trip with regularity when using an appliance, the problem likely lies with something beyond the appliance.  There might be an underlying issue with the electrical system.  If you notice a circuit breaker trips when using a specific outlet, that part of the circuit is likely overburdened.  This is not a time for DIY (do it yourself) troubleshooting and repair.  Ask a licensed electrician for assistance.  Our team will likely recommend an upgrade or even the addition of another circuit.

3. Dimming and/or Flickering Lights

Dimming and/or flickering lights are a clear sign there is an issue with appliances connected to the same circuit rather than a problem with the fixture.  An energy-eater such as a washing machine is one of many examples of an appliance that consumes a considerable amount of power.  Reach out to our electricians to schedule a testing of the circuit and appliance.  It might be possible to shift the light to a separate circuit.  We will also gauge whether your home’s heavy-duty appliances have the proper protection and power supply.

4. Unexpected Noises

Electrical circuits should not generate any type of noise.  Even a low humming noise or a slight buzz is reason for worry.  Anything from flawed wiring to a loose connection or a malfunctioning appliance could be responsible for these unexpected noises.  Our electricians are here to identify the real cause of the problem, remedy it and eliminate the noise.

5. You use Multiple Extension Cords

If you are using multiple extension cords in your home, it is a clear sign your house does not have enough electrical outlets.  Furthermore, several appliances running from one multi-socket indicates you need more outlets sooner rather than later.  Though extension cords certainly provide utility, they are not exactly safe when used over and over again, year-after-year.  Extension cords heighten the risk of electrical shorting, cord-twisting and trips/falls.  The better approach is to have one of our licensed electricians review your home’s electrical system and possibly install some extra outlets.

6. Hot Sockets or Switches

Heat generated by your home’s electrical wiring, outlets and/or switches is a major cause for concern.  Sockets that are merely warm might not be problematic.  However, hot sockets should be checked out by a licensed electrician.  So don’t assume heaters and other high-power machines are perfectly fine if they are generating an abundance of heat.  There is likely an issue with the outlet or another part of your electrical system as opposed to the hot appliance/device.

7. Sparks

If you spot sparks when using electricity, you have a fire hazard at your property.  Even diminutive sparks that last for a mere second or two are abnormal and dangerous.  Rely on an experienced technician to check out these sparks on your behalf, perform the appropriate repairs and restore safety to your living or working space.  The silver lining to an appliance that generates sparks is that the warranty might still be applicable.  So don’t assume you will have to lug the appliance or other machine out to the curb.  There is a good chance the malfunction will be covered by the warranty, providing you with reimbursement that can go toward purchasing a replacement or paying for repairs.

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