5 Key Plumbing Tips for Your Newly-bought Sauk Rapids Home

Now that you have a home of your own, it is time to celebrate.  You will likely be spending an abundance of time in your newly-purchased home in the months to come.  This is the perfect time to invite friends, family and co-workers over for drinks and fun.  Hopefully, all of the appliances, doors and windows will function as expected.  However, there is a chance something will go wrong.  You can minimize the odds of a plumbing problem by being proactive.  After all, the last thing you want to deal with is a costly plumbing issue that proves frustrating and time-consuming.  Follow the tips outlined below from our Sauk Rapids Plumbers will dramatically reduce the odds of a plumbing problem at your new digs.

1. Have a Sauk Rapids Plumbing Inspection Performed

The downside to the blazing hot housing market is the fact that a number of buyers are willing to make all-cash offers without an inspection to secure the property they have their eyes on.  Though it is certainly tempting to buy a home without an inspection to win the home ownership race, this approach is risky.  Have a plumbing inspection performed at the home you are thinking about bidding on so you know exactly what condition the plumbing system is in.  There is a chance the plumbing inspection will show no flaws at all.  However, there is also a chance this inspection will reveal one or several significant problems with the current plumbing system.

An issue with the plumbing system does not necessarily have to be a deal-breaker.  Once you know the true status of the home plumbing system, you will be able to bid in confidence.  If you end up buying the house, you will know exactly what needs to be repaired.  Ideally, the inspection will include the use of a camera sent into the sewer system to gauge its condition.  This way, if there is a clog, the camera will reveal its presence and the cause.  In many cases, clogging is the result of clumped paper towels or personal hygiene products.

2. Add our Phone Number to Your Smartphone

If you have a plumbing problem of any sort, do not attempt a DIY repair.  There is a good chance you will make the problem worse or simply waste your time without making meaningful progress.  Put our number (800-570-4328) in your smartphone right now.  If you have a plumbing emergency, question or concern, give us a call right away.

3. Perform a Thorough Cleaning of the Shower Drain

Do not assume the shower drain is free and clear.  There is a good chance the former homeowner did not clean the shower drain in the past year or longer.  The last thing you need is a clogged drain in your new home that ruins your shower.  Invest the time and effort necessary to clear out all the hair and other gunk from the shower drain.  It will also help to add a catch-all to the shower drain to stop hair and other items from moving down the drain and resulting in clogs.

If the clogs continue after the initial cleaning, have a camera inspection performed to determine the real cause of the problem.  Hydro-jetting will also help.  This form of cleaning clears out sewer lines in a rapid manner with the use of high-velocity water pressure.  Give hydro-jetting a chance and you will find it is quite efficient for clog elimination, clearing out the pipe walls and removing potentially dangerous blockages.

4. Pinpoint the Shut off Valve for the Water Main

Every new homeowner should take the little bit of time necessary to memorize the location of the water shut off valve.  This way, if there is a water emergency, you won’t have to run through the entirety of your home in search of the shut off valve.  Instead, you will make a beeline to the water shut off valve, shut off the flow of water in a timely manner and ensure your house remains as dry as possible.

5. Resist the Temptation to Stock up on Liquid Drain Cleaner

You will buy a ton of new items for your newly-purchased home.  If you added liquid drain cleaner to the list, cross it out right now.  It is better to use a snake or lean on our plumbing team to eliminate clogs from your drain.  Liquid drain cleaners are problematic in that they can damage the pipes in your home after repeated application.

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