3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Needs A Tune Up?

Minnesota’s starting to heat up and summer is on its way! Hooray! However, it won’t be long until the real hot summer hits. Is your Air Conditioner ready? If it’s an older unit and hasn’t been maintenanced for awhile you might need a tune up. On the really hot days your Air Conditioner is what you’re going to want to keep you cool – all summer long!

However, don’t be alarmed Air Conditioner tune-up’s are relatively inexpensive this time of year. Plus when you get yours tuned up from Neighborhood we guarantee your Air Conditioner will make it through the entire summer without an unexpected breakdown, especially on the really hot days. An un-tuned Air Conditioner might work fine in the low heat, early summer, but as soon as it gets really hot that’s when you’ll start noticing the problems.

Do you need a tune-up? it’s never a bad idea. Especially if your Air Conditioner’s performance has been questionable like having a hard time running, not cooling properly, costing a lot in energy, making funny noises, etc.

Scheduling your tune-up now rather than later could help to save you a lot of money down the road. Here’s 3 reasons why:

1. Your Tuned Up Air Conditioner Will Save Money in Energy

Just like a car needs an oil change to keep it running good your Air Conditioner needs the same. That’s how you’ll be able to maximize your air conditioners life span. Plus, your tune-up will help it run as efficient as possible– saving you money on your energy bill.

2. Your Tune-up’s Going To Prevent Future AC Repair’s

When your technician is tuning up your AC they’ll also be able to spot other simple problems that can be fixed to prevent bigger problems. Just a bad thermostat could cause your system to fail. Poor Air Flow could cause it to freeze up. Having an expert look over your system is the best way to prevent your AC from needing a costly repair.

3. You’ll Know Your Air Conditioner’s Condition

Every time you have a technician tune-up your air conditioner they’ll inform you of exactly how your unit is performing. That way you’ll know exactly what condition it’s in and if there is any components that you might want to be concerned about. Fixing small problems before they become bigger problems will always be less expensive.

The Key To A Worry-Free Summer Is An AC Tune-Up

According to the EPA on average a well maintained Air Conditioner will operate up to 25% more efficient than one that’s been neglected. Not to mention having your AC tune up now is the best way to prevent expensive repairs down the road. An annual tune up is the best way to ensure safety, savings and comfort all summer long!

To schedule your tune-up get in touch with us by calling 800-570-4328 or scheduling online. We’ll make every effort to work around your schedule at a time that is most convenient for you. We have an excellent customer support team an HVAC technicians looking forward to serving you!

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