13 Myths About Furnace Cost

So often, people make decisions based on what they have heard or what they think they know, never really taking into consideration that it would be a good idea to actually do some research to find out the truth. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about furnace cost, as well as some other things we can teach you about furnace cost.

1. New high efficiency furnaces cost alot – As with anything you purchase, there are plenty of options to choose from; some cost more than others and others are completely budget-friendly.

2. Furnaces cause the utility bills to be higher – This myth is often based on using an old, outdated furnace compared to a new furnace. Furnaces are much more energy efficient now and can actualy end up saving you money.

3. Replacing your windows will save enough to pay for the cost of your new furnace – While it is true that high quality replacement windows can help with the energy efficiency of your home, you need to also make sure that your furnace is well maintained to keep costs lower.

4. Space heater’s cost less and are just as effective as a new furnace – Not only is this not as affordable as simply investing in new furnace install, it poses more of a danger and potential fire hazard.

5. Turning the temperature up really high will get the room heated faster – Keeping your furnace set at a decent temperature is the best way to maintain steady warmth. Turning the heat up runs the furnace more causing your utility bills to soar.

6. There’s no need to adjust the thermostat at night or when leaving the house – What most people don’t realize is that a slight adjustment before bed and before leaving the house can help a great deal in lowering utility bills – the key is not to do it so much that the furnace has to work double once you turn the heat back up.

7. High efficiency furnaces automatically save me money on utility bills – The good news is that this is actually true, the only catch is to maximize your savings you want to have it properly installed and maintained.

8. Close the heat vent registers to save money on the bills – What this usually does is just throw off the temperature balance causing your furnace to work just as hard, not saving money and sometimes causing the bills to get worse.

9. Furnaces are not cost effective because they only last up to 10 years – With proper care and maintenance, your furnace can last at a minimum of 15 years up to 25-30 if properly installed and maintained.

10. You can’t adjust the setting on your furnace which makes it expensive to use – While old fashioned versions only had a single stage, this simply is not true any longer.

11. There is only one size furnace and that’s what makes them not cost effective – Again, this is not true and it is quite important to get the right size. Too small and you run up your bills because the furnace has to work that much harder; too big and you pay more than you need to up front and in utility bills.

12. A wood fireplace is just as effective and costs less – Aside from being false it is dangerous and the last thing that you want to try to do is keep a fire roaring and tend to it all night.

13. Enough fiberglass insulation will do the trick – As mentioned earlier, you need sufficient insulation to keep floors warm but over doing insulation will not replace the furnace.

If you would like to find out more about how a furnace can be the cost effective solution for your home, contact us at Neighborhood Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning we can help.


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